2 comments on “I’m Back and I’m Just Thrilled about the Obama Administration’s National Security Political Windfall….Well Aren’t I?

  1. Depends on who you ask. Right Wing Nuts would say that since he’s really just a Muslim terrorist in disguise, he can’t possibly be responsible for stopping any terror attacks because we don’t yet know what he’s going to let happen. Ha-Ha.

    But all joking aside, I’d say the real reason is how often are democrats in power, and able to take positive credit for something related to defense, foreign policy, or national security? During Clinton, they were too busy talking about a blowjob to say “good job with Bosnia”. During Carter, he completely dropped the ball in Iran. During Johnson, he escalated Vietnam to the point of no return and had no strategy that worked to win it. Kennedy diffused the Cuban Missile Crisis, but he also played a large part in starting the whole thing. Truman never got any real credit for ending WWII did he? I don’t remember that being the context of any textbooks I read but I could be wrong. It’s like were culturally devoid of being able to congratulate a democrat on foreign policy, defense, or national security. Who gets the lion share of credit for foreign policy in the 2nd half of the 20th century? Nixon and Regan. And yet, Clinton did more to promote free trade and international commerce than both of them combined, which is its own type of National Security, IMO.

  2. Clinton’s problem has more to do with the fact that his Administration never figured out how to establish an overarching rationale for militarism post Cold War. Truman through Reagan didn’t have to do that and the “successes” of those regimes became easy to talk about because of the way everything could be connected to the Cold War. But Obama is working within the GWOT framework. If the party is going to use GOP foreign policy, why not use GOP political strategy?

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