2 comments on “Oh Noes! Think of the Kids!

  1. I think we have two similar problems that require some distinctions. In your argument you suggest bigoted mom’s reaction is the same as the bigoted cops. However, I do not believe that boy Daphne was an existential threat to bigoted mom, while bigoted cop is in variable amounts of existential danger. That sort of threat colors how one perceives the world around them. Just as victims of abuse and rape who flinch whenever they encounter stressors that they have associated with their rape and abuse. Trauma and its shadow does not excuse police brutality or any other form of bigotry, but it can help to explain why cultures of fear are formed and maintained. It is all to easy to imagine hateful and scared people as slavering beasts at the gates. (In the case of law enforcement that they are little better than the criminals from whom they supposedly defend civil society.) Yet this lack of understanding, this lack of empathy, denies their shared humanity. Perhaps we might need empathy to go along with all that vigilance.

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