One comment on “Is There a Progressive “Brand”?

  1. I think both you and Kevin hit on an important point and i think i have an explanation for the lack of a coherent progressive brand: by it’s very nature progressive ideas are socialist ideas. Let’s face it, the idea of the benefiting the many over the few is at the core of socialist thought. So why then the lack of this message? Because it’s easy to discredit it. And it’s easy to discredit it because of communism and the cold war. Americans have an innate distrust of socialism or communism because of the social indoctrination that took place during the cold war, so the challenge progressive’s face is “how do we sell people on socialist ideas, but call it something different, so that we can’t be attacked with the C-Word. This is very clearly what the right tries to do time and time again. “Nope can’t do that(insert social programming initiative here) that communism and communism is not American! Obama is a Communist! He’s worse than Stalin! Blah,Blah Blah.” Unfortunately people are so Naive they actually buy into this crap, but they feel a sense of patriotism by resisting something that ultimately benefits them, because of this connection.

    In concert with that, the wealthy do need to be reminded that ultimately, exploitation for personal gain is consensual. When the wealthy build walls, eventually, the people knock them down, if they feel they are being used. This has been proven time and time again throughout history. Assuming it can’t happen in America, ever, is Naive at best. So this is really another way of saying what you paraphrased from Justice Holmes, that taxes are the price we pay to have the society we feel we should have.

    But i like your centralized cohesion of these progressive tenets. It’s easy to follow and easy to get people behind in theory. The real trick is, how you do avoid that socialist/communist tag or how do you get people to deprogram their negative connotation with socialism?

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