One comment on “Are Democrats Really Our Last Hope?

  1. Its a bit shocking how closely two party logic resembles the logic of the school yard. You know how movies/books always have those moments where two pivotal characters who seem to have nothing in common have a fight and by shedding blood and scraping knuckles emerge on the other end with a bond that goes beyond the superficial fisticuffs? Is that really any different than what we saw on the floor of the Senate at any given moment. The Dodds, Kerrys B. Nelsons, Hatches et al might have an occassional scuffle over a procedural thing. They may act a fool about same-sex marriage or abortion every now and then. But when it comes down to it, they emerge on the other side of those conflicts arm in arm to cut food stamps, fund the war in Afghanistan and gut education. Its so nice when big boys learn to play nice isn’t it?

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